SIGVARIS Natural Rubber for Men & Women 500

For moderate and more severe symptoms: The SIGVARIS MEDICAL collection is designed to ensure correct fit and accurate compression, resulting in optimum therapeutic benefits and greater wearing comfort. SIGVARIS MEDICAL products are designed to fit various lifestyles and are best suited for those with chronic venous disorders, edema, stasis, skin changes, and for those who have had or will be having a vein procedure. The Original Gold Standard Recommended by physicians worldwide Proven efficacy through numerous scientific studies Minimal fabric fatigue factor throughout the day Accommodates large ankle circumference up to 18” (46 cm) and calf circumference up to 27” (68 cm) Open Toe only The Natural Rubber product is often combined with the Cotton Underliner for patient comfort. Ideal for patients with more serious indications or long-term therapy. Custom Sizes Available.

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Custom Sizes Available.

OPEN TOE (30-40mmHg, 40-50mmhg & 50-60mmHg)

Calf - Beige (77)

Thigh - Beige (77)

Thigh w/Grip-top (Not in 50-60mmHg) - Beige (77)

Pantyhose (30-40mmHg only) - Beige (77)

Open Toe w/Waist Attachment (Not in 50-60mmHg) - Beige (77)

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