SIGVARIS Casual Cotton for Women 146

For prevention and mild to moderate symptoms: The fashionable SIGVARIS WELL BEING collection helps promote leg health and provides relief from a range of common symptoms including tired, aching legs and swollen feet and ankles. Therapeutic Everyday Wear 66% Supima Cotton is ideal for sensitive skin Contemporary ribbed design Reinforced heel for extra durability Comfortable toe zone Note: SIGVARIS Maternity Casual Cotton Compression Sock are also availables. All SIGVARIS WELL BEING products are recommended for travel.

For more than 50 years, SIGVARIS has been a global leader in graduated compression therapy with a research and development team committed to using only the most innovative technology. The SIGVARIS WELL BEING stockings revitalize legs, boost energy and provide relief from tired, aching legs. All SIGVARIS WELL BEING products are recommended for travel.

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Calf - White (00), Navy (10), Brown (11), Khaki (30), Black (99)

Maternity - White (00), Black (99)

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