Portable Oxygen Concentrator/Oxus Reliability Plus by CHAD

Med/Ex Rents Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC), FFA Approved. Pick up or Delivery available in the Greater Indianapolis Area and Surrounding Counties. Contact MedEx for Rental Rates and Delivery options.

Oxus Reliability Plus by CHAD

Weighs <10 lbs and has proprietary design and construction elements that make it the most durable and dependable POC available. Membrane Dryer removes up to 70% to 80% of the humidity in the air, significantly extending sieve bed life.
Proprietary Compressor is ultra-low vibration improving patient comfort and extending component life.
Fixed Bolus delivery will deliver more oxygen when patients are active and need it most.
Full Text Message alerts makes understanding alarms and maintenance schedule as easy as reading the display screen.
Comes complete with battery, mobility cart and durable carry case.
Made in the USA.

Patient MUST provide a prescription to MedEx prior to pick up or delivery of all Oxygen Systems.

MedEx provides rentals of Portable Oxygen Concentrators, (POC) and Accessories for patients wanting to travel worry free. If you are traveling by airplane, our rental POC systems are approved by the FAA for airline travel.

Renting a POC is as simple as calling MedEx customer service. One of MedEx trained customer service agents will ask you for specific details, such as your travel plans, flight duration (if you will be flying). Travel destinations by automobile or you may be renting a POC to attend a convention or family outing.

Once MedEx trained customer service agent has determined you concentrator needs, a POC and accessories will be recommended to best suit your needs.

(7 day minimum on All POC Systems)

Contact MedEx today 317-786-5841 to arrange your POC Rental

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