Contour Spinal Relief Pillow

This pillow was created to provide relief from back pain by helping keep your spine straight while sleeping. Its design helps keep your legs aligned with your spine, relieving pressure and strain on the hips and lower back. It also helps relieve pressure and strain on your knees and ankles. The patented, distinctive shape uses a longer design to encompass your thighs, knees and calves. The larger calf pad and slender thigh pad help ensure proper placement and provide proper body alignment and comfort during rest. The articulated center allows the pillow to bend at your knees for improved performance. The pillow is constructed with high-quality polyfoam pads enclosed in cotton stockinette fabric. The pillow is then covered with a blue-cloud fabric cover. The two sets of hook-and-loop straps secure the pillow in place. The removable cover is washable. Place this pillow between your legs with the larger pad between your calves and the smaller pad between your thighs. The center should be at your knees. Secure the straps comfortably to keep the pillow in place.

• Helps keep your spine straight while sleeping.
• Ideal for knee, spine and nerve problems.
• Great for pregnancy, athletes, the elderly and others.
• Flexible, adjustable and comfortable.
• Washable cover.

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