Chattanooga OptiFlex-K1 Knee CPM Unit

(Continuous Passive Motion) Unit is designed to be an effective yet easy to use CPM for all types of knee patients. It features wide low-profile, closed-based frame for stability and reversible foot plate for short leg length. It has big, bright display and patient lock-out feature.

4 push-button dials: speed, pause, extension and flexion
On-board power supply
International symbols

Calf Length Range 10" to 22"
Thigh Length Range 12" to 19"
Range of Motion 10° extension to 120° flexion
Patient Height 4'' to 6.6'' (1.2m to 2m)
Length 38"
Power 100V to 240V, VAC 50HZ to 60Hz
Weight 23lb (10.4kg)