Bed Buddy Warming Bear

Buddy the Bed Buddy Warming Bear is the plush, lovable stuffed mascot for the Bed Buddy line of pain-relieving moist heat and soothing cold compress products. Buddy warms in seconds with a simple spin in the microwave is all it takes to provide long-lasting heat directly to the source of pain. Alternately, put Buddy in the freezer for a bit and let him soothe away the swelling with big bear hug. An ideal gift idea for the young and old, Buddy's unique shape allows him to be comfortably placed anywhere he's needed. With his stylish blue ribbon around his neck and a lifetime guarantee against any defects in workmanship, Buddy can help calm a throbbing earache, ice an injured knee, or provide soft, cuddly relief for nursing mothers, all without the need for a single battery, topical creams or electrical outlets. Portable, comfortable and therapeutic.

Warms in just seconds
Heats for up to an hour
Great for arthritis, body aches, poor circulation, and fibromyalgia
Contains 100% all natural materials
Doubles as a cold compress, just put Buddy in the freezer
The best stuffed animal anyone could ask for

Dimensions: 10.13" H x 7" W x 5.13" D
Weight: 2 pounds
Contents: all natural blend of 100% food grade oatmeal and gluten-free rice

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