Battle Creek Deluxe Bed Warmer

Dual Temperature Switch allows user to heat the unit quickly and then switch to low heat, to maintain warmth through the night. The perfect solution for people with poor circulation or cold feet! Diabetes, Peripheral Artery Disease, arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, Reynaud's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many other problems can benefit from the soothing warmth of a Battle Creek BedWarmer. Placed under the bottom sheet, the gentle heat rises to give you cozy warmth right where you need it, for just pennies a day.

Easy-to-use switch is ideal for elderly users.
Luxurious fleece cover adds an extra layer of comfort for users that prefer the Bedwarmerâ„¢ on top of their sheet.
18" X 36" size works two ways -
Perfect fit for one side of the bed, when one of you wants more heat than the other
Lay across the bottom of the bed to share, for warm feet and legs
Low, consistent heat rises up so it warms the entire area - not just the top of your legs
No need to heat up the whole bed or raise the thermostat setting just to keep your feet warm
Out of the way placement under the sheet and mattress pad
10' cord makes it easy to reach a wall socket
Product Dimensions: 18 inches X 36 inches

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