A&D Multi-function Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The sleek new Multi-Function Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor combines clinically valuable features with a contemporary new table top design. The UA-851 also features the LifeSource exclusive Pressure Rating Indicator, which takes the guesswork out of blood pressure measurements by color coding each reading according to the JNC7 guidelines, and Irregular Heartbeat Detection, which will provide users with an accurate blood pressure reading even if an irregular heartbeat is detected. Along with a 90 reading memory capacity, and a lifetime warranty on both the cuff and monitor, the UA-851 is truly an innovative and stylish new approach to blood pressure monitoring. Available in medium and large AccuFit cuff sizes only.

• 90 reading memory
• Pressure Rating Indicator™
• Irregular Heartbeat Detection
• Large digital display
• Illuminated Start Button
• Medium Cuff
• Large-print instruction guide with illustrations and quick start card in English and Spanish
• Four week blood pressure logbook included

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