Emergency Preparedness

Indianapolis Home Medical Supplies, is concerned with your safety and comfort, and providing you with uninterrupted service. In order for us to do this, we would like for you to let us know what your plans are in the event of a disaster. In case of an emergency, get medical help quickly: Dial 911. If you live in an area that must be evacuated due to a disaster, please advise us where you plan to evacuate to, i.e., out of town, area hospital, relative’s or friend’s home, etc. This information, received well in advance, will help us continue uninterrupted service to those patients who will stay in the area at the time of the emergency. If you have a piece of equipment that is electrically powered, such as an oxygen concentrator, you will need an alternate system until electrical power is restored. Please notify your power company that you have medical equipment and ask that you be placed on a priority list for power to be restored. The power company may request a letter from your doctor to be placed on this list.
In the event of a disaster which temporarily interrupts all phone service, you should tune your radio to a local news radio station for details regarding the distribution and maintenance of your equipment. Please be advised that your service will continue without interruption as long
as we have prompt notification of your intentions and plan of action. Please notify us as soon as possible so we can have your plans in our files in the event of such an emergency. Contact the telephone company and tell them to put you on the “Essential user list” so that you can keep in touch with Indianapolis Home Medical Supplies.
• Be sure to stock up on canned/non-perishable foods
• Have someone such as family or neighbors who will check on you if an emergency situation occurs.
• Determine evacuation routes and alternatives.
• Know where the water and/or gas shut off valves for your home are located
• Know where your home insurance papers are located
• Keep a cooler full of ice on hand to store medication if the inside of your refrigerator becomes warm.
• Have a flashlight and extra batteries nearby for power outages. Keep extra blankets available in case the power goes out.